10 Money Habits of Intentional Spenders

If you choose only one thing to takeaway from this list, this is it. This is the BEST way to avoid overspending. Do you need it? Do you care about it? Do you even want it? Are you buying it because it is on sale? Do you need 10 water bottles or just one high quality one? Less is truly more.

Summer Challenge: 20 under $20

Looking for fun activities this summer that won’t break the bank? Below you will find a list of 20 activities that range from absolutely FREE to $20 — max. Take on this summer 20 under $20 challenge for some throwback activities and maybe you’ll even try something new, too!

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

We get asked ALL the time about virtual assistants from both sides– people who are wanting to become a virtual assistant and people who are wanting to hire a virtual assistant. Mostly, because we have the absolute BEST virtual assistant. I seriously don’t know how our business would survive without her. However, sometimes people get confused about how to go about this process.