Dan’s 100 Dreams List (2022 Update)

  1. Visit Jerusalem with my parents
  2. Go to Hawaii (Completed 2021)
  3. Do an Alaskan Cruise
  4. See New Zealand
  5. Invite 1000 People to hear the gospel
  6. Have a following of 10,000 e-mail subscribers (5200 at the moment!)
  7. Own a business that provides for all of our family’s needs ( completed 2020)
  8. Have 5 children (Not so sure about this one anymore, 5 is a lot. Still on the table)
  9. Help 1000 People become Entrepreneurs, start their own business (10 completed in 2021)
  10. Have a podcast
  11. Be at 17% body fat percentage
  12. Help 100 Kids to go to college who wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance
  13. Pay for 20 missions
  14. Own our house
  15. Own a German Nutcracker business
  16. Own a lending company (my idea)
  17. Speak to 10,000 people in one setting
  18. Become fluent in Spanish
  19. Become fluent in French
  20. Become fluent in Chinese
  21. Own a Restaurant
  22. Write a book
  23. Write a children’s book
  24. Serve a Vermillion, or Philippines Business Mission
  25. Learn How to Code
  26. Become a gourmet chef (or at least the skills to)
  27. Win over 1000 chess games By playing at least 1000 unique individuals (Played 1000 individuals via chess.com in 2021)
  28. Have a personal trainer for 6 months
  29. Give my mom a personal chef for a month
  30. Buy a house cash
  31. Stay married to Mikayla for FOREVER (still going strong)
  32. Interview 300 “interesting people” (100 down)
  33.  Have 1000 people go through our Centsei course (completed in 2021, still working on 1000 couples)
  34. Give a Ted Talk
  35. Help 100 kids learn how to read
  36. Index 1000 Names
  37. Take each of my kids on a personal trip
  38. Do a 1 on 1 with each of my kids per quarter till they are 18. 
  39. Try Bungee Jumping
  40. Help 100 First generation immigrants come to the US
  41. Marry the woman of my dreams
  42. Serve a Christian mission for my church (Germany)
  43. Become fluent in German
  44. Graduate from college (BYU, Business Strategy)
  45. Eat ice cream made by the hand of John
  46. Own 3 taft shoes (Own 1 as of end of 2021)
  47. Own 10 Stance Socks (Own 5 as of end of 2021)
  48. Run a Marathon
  49. Own a 1MM in Revenue/year company (officially hit 6 figures in 2021)
  50. Own a whole block of houses
  51. Try every flavor of Red Button Ice Cream
  52. Visit Japan
  53. Live in another country for a year with the fam
  54. Live in North Carolina  (completed 2021)
  55. Take 100 Online courses (5 completed)
  56. Read 1000 books (180 read so far)
  57. Go skiing every Friday for an entire Winter
  58. Dunk a basketball
  59. Throw a yearly party for friends
  60. Take my entire family and extended family to Disneyland
  61. Visit a temple in each state
  62. Visit all seven continents (3 completed)
  63. Meet Tim Ferriss
  64. Lake Powell trip with the crew
  65. Perform a stand up comedy routine
  66. Run a triathlon
  67. Oxford MBA
  68. Build a subscription technology product worth at least 1 MM
  69. Design Coat Business
  70. Do 100 Push ups in one go
  71. Become an eagle scout
  72. Write a hymn for the hymnbook
  73. Go to an NFL game
  74. Read the Standard Works
  75. Go to a GERMAN BVB game
  76. Michael Buble Concert
  77. Brian Reagan Show
  78.  Watch my Dad play live in a show
  79. See Lucy get married and graduate from college
  80. Financial Freedom by 40
  81. Build a non-profit that helps people learn about Jesus Christ
  82. Do Raclette every New Years Eve
  83. German Advent
  84. Visit both sides of the family every year for a week
  85. Show my kids Germany
  86. Go to Munster every four years
  87. Go back to Sydney Australia
  88. Do a family vacation every four years with Heywoods and Ockeys
  89. Go to The great wall of China
  90. Visit Moscow
  91. Visit Hungary
  92. Visit Latvia
  93. Visit Croatia
  94. Visit England
  95. Visit Scotland and Ireland
  96. Visit Argentina
  97. Visit Brazil
  98. Visit DC
  99. Visit Every state in the Union
  100. Hike Angel’s landing

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