My Favorite Things Under $25

‘Tis the season for Favorite Things Parties! There are lots of variations of this party but here are the basics:

  • Everyone brings two identical gifts with one of their favorite things. You set a budget for each gift, so you could do $5 per gift, or up to $25 per gift. (We did $25 for one of the parties and $5-10 for the other party this year!)
  • All the guests at the party put their name in a bowl two times, and then each person shares their favorite thing in turn, draws two names from the bowl, and gives their two gifts to those people.

I am probably way overthinking this, but I had the hardest time thinking of things that were honestly my favorite for under $25. I started brainstorming and this is the list I came up with:

  1. Menstrual Cup: I wasn’t brave enough to bring this to the party haha but it genuinely is one of my favorite things ever! Life changing!
  2. The Montessori Toddler” Book: One of my favorite parenting books that I go back to—all the time!
  3. “Our Sweet Basil Kitchen” Cookbook: Dan and I cooked through this entire cookbook! So, I can honestly say everything in this cookbook is so yummy!
  4. Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths: Now I actually take off my makeup before I go to bed.. (most of the time… ;)) and I don’t go through 100 makeup wipes!
  5. Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups/ Specialty Dark Chocolate: These are my absolute favorite! They are so yummy!
  6. Thank You Cards: I love having a set on hand to be able to send to whoever at the drop of a hat!
  7. Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops: I think I have mentioned these before, but I love them. They are $30 normally but wait for a sale! QVC often has a sale on them too!
  8. “Hygge” Socks: Dan got me these for Christmas and they have been glorious!
  9. Box Cutter: Okay I don’t actually have one of these but I think it would be my favorite thing if I did.
  10. Charcuterie Board: It just makes even the most simple meals/Appetizers feel fancy!
  11. Costco Dried Mangos: Dan and I both LOVE these. We always go through a bag so quickly!
  12. Tillamook Mudslide Ice Cream: This might be a little challenging to bring to a Favorite Things Party, but if you haven’t tried it, RUN to the store to buy some of this. Prepare to have your life changed.
  13. Bubble Up Wooden Soap Brush: I really do love ours so much! It makes the mundane chore of washing the dishes so much more enjoyable!
  14. Hydroflask Water Bottle: I think technically mine was $30, but I use it every day! It has been a win for sure.
  15. Reusable Grocery Bag Set: You can use them for library books, picnic basket, church bag, etc. Plus it upgrades your groceries instantly.

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