Every Date We Went on in 2021

Kay and I have a goal to go on a date every week – in 2021 we went on 37 dates, and hit about 71% of our goal. Room for improvement!

Here’s what we did, hopefully, some of these ideas will spark some creativity for you!

  1. Planning (click here to see how we plan our lives)
  2. Gave each other Massages with this Massage Gun (this will change your life)
  3. Made our 2021 Centsei Plans
  4. Dinner at PF Changs
  5. Watched While You Were Sleeping
  6. Oteo in Lindon Utah (probably top 3 favorite restaurants I’ve ever been to)
  7. Watched Brian Reagan Netflix Special and Dinner at Zupas
  8. Watched Taylor Swift Documentary
  9. Massage Gun and Rummikub
  10. Visited North Carolina for the First Time
  11. Went to special movie event and watched the Lamb of God
  12. Watched the Chosen (if you haven’t watched this yet, watch it)
  13. Jazz Game and Dinner at Maglebys in Springville, Utah
  14. Watched the Chosen
  15. Dinner at Blue Iguana (order Molcojete) and walked around City Creek Mall. (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  16. Played Blink and ate Yasso Bars
  17. Asked eachtother these questions
  18. Hiked Bridal Veil Falls in Provo, Utah and Had lunch at the Blue Boar Inn in Midway, Utah
  19. Went to a Carnival “Strawberry Days” in American Fork UT
  20. Watched That Darn Cat
  21. Ate Dinner at Happy Sumo
  22. Watched Blackbeard’s Ghost
  23. Went to a local play “Matilda”
  24. Went to a cousin’s wedding reception
  25. Camping in Mapleton, Utah, (this is the best campsite)
  26. Watched the Great British Baking Show
  27. Made plans for the new house we bought
  28. Ate Dinner at Bombay House in Provo, Utah (best Indian food)
  29. At Dinner at House of Frybread (Closed)
  30. Went to a church conference
  31. Ate Dinner at Bombay House and watched Sunset at the Y Trailhead in Provo, Utah
  32. Hit golf balls on the driving range on the Timpanagos Golf Course in Provo, utah)
  33. Got ice cream at the Bridge (Indian Trail, North Carolina)
  34. Got ice cream at Golden Cow Creamery (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  35. Played Rummikub
  36. Hosted a Gingerbread Making Party
  37. Christmas and Christmas Eve (we counted it as a date) 🙂

Dates don’t just happen, you need to plan them.

We’ve found the best dates happen when we’re out of the house, get a babysitter, and just spend time with the two of us. This isn’t always possible, but we always are grateful we did it!

Try to go on a weekly or monthly date with your significant other. It will make your relationship better!

P.S. For more date ideas check out this ebook from Danielle and Brandon Porter

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