Top 100 Products for Under $100 That Will Truly Make Your Life Better

We asked over 27,000 people what product for under $100 truly made their life better. Here are the answers:

Almost everything on this list is linked to the product. Enjoy!


Kindle Read to your heart’s content while protecting those eyes (and without distraction!). It’s a perfect twofer.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad “Wireless charging in general is so handy, but if you work from home, the conjunction of a mouse pad with wireless charging has been a game-changer.”

AirPods The older models are at just about $100, and we hear they’re just as good!

Door Knob Keypad Entry We loved this submission! Our follower said, “There is literally nothing worse to me than wasting a ton of time trying to get access to the stuff I have spent a lot of money to get access to.” Good point. If you feel this same, this could be great for you.

Hootsuite Monthly Subscription Needing some help managing your social media accounts for business and/or personal use? This might be the answer. Give their 30-day free trial a go!

Day One Journal Looking for a way to be a better journal-writer? This could be it! This came as a recommendation by many people.

YNAB We’ve had many recommendations come in for this budgeting app. Tools like this are critical for financial success. Check it out!

Zapier Their website says, “Connect your apps and automate workflows.” Who doesn’t want that? We actually use Zapier in our business to connect aspects of it and we have loved it, too!

Raspberry Pi “Whether for blocking ads, running DNS, WOL servers, or just for fun, I have used one every single day since I bought my first. Blocking all ads and malicious sites on your network for $35 is an absolute must.”

Loom “There’s a free version or a $10/mo version. It’s an easy and attractive video recording platform. They make it easy to record 15 minute or 15 second videos and send them to anyone. No content or platform limits. I use it many times a day to reduce time on the phone or slacking or emailing.”

Lastpass Do you know ALL of your passwords for every website you’ve ever used? Probably not. Does it cause you a lot of frustration when you can’t remember a password? Or have to go through the 17+ variations you have on a password to find the right one? Well. NO MORE. Check out Lastpass for all of your digital password needs.

Bond Personal Security “Mine is a service not a product, I loved it so much I ended up working for the company who provides them. As a parent, I am sure you have always wondered, how am I gonna keep my kids safe if I can’t be there to watch them 24/7 or those with elderly parents or wives or just about anyone you are concerned about. How can we keep them safe without us being there? The answer was BOND Personal Security, with 24/7 Live Personal Security Agents ready to assist in seconds! Such a needed service which is why I love my job and the company I work for because we have something that everyone needs to have, especially when you need it most. Peace of mind for sure.😁”

Logitech Triathlon Mouse “It can pair with up to 3 devices at once. With the press of a button on the side, you switch which device the mouse is controlling. Very useful when WFH and wanting to have both my personal and work computers running.”

Rocketbook “Rocketbook creates reusable, cloud-connected note taking products from the future. Blast your notes to your favorite cloud destination with our free companion app, then erase your big ideas and start brainstorming again!”

Honeybook “Manage projects, book clients, send invoices and get paid — all on HoneyBook.”

Bluetooth Adaptor for Headphones “I use these headphones all day at work and all last year during classes & homework and this made it so I had a mic and wasn’t getting tangled up in cords. It has been a game changer.”


Air Fryer “We use our air fryer almost every day, and it’s my favorite kitchen gadget. Super easy to use and makes meals and reheated leftovers so much better!”

Instant Pot We second this one! We love our instant pot. Frozen chicken then cooked to perfection in 30 minutes? Yes, please. (And in case you are now thinking of buying both an instant pot and an air fryer (see above item), they now sell an appliance that does both! A little over $100, but could definitely be worth it! You can find that here.)

Cast Iron Grill “We use this almost everyday!” We are all for universal cookware. This looks like it’s a kitchen-gadget must-have.

Ceramic, Non-Stick Cookware Here is a link to a full set of ceramic cookware, but even purchasing a single non-stick pan could make life in the kitchen SO MUCH EASIER. And who doesn’t want that? (Here’s a link to a single pan.)

Dash-Go Egg Steamer Another time-saving kitchen gadget. If you love your hard-boiled eggs, this one’s for you!

Electric Kettle A great gadget for your kitchen — as well as for travel. Easy to transport and use on the go!

Popcorn Popper If you haven’t found your way to make popcorn, the perfect evening snack, this might be your answer.

Food Sealer “Food sealers have far outweighed the cost in stale or spoiled foods. Definitely worth the $50 investment!”

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker Attachment Please tell my WHY WE HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE?

Salad Spinner We’ll admit it. We were a little skeptical at first. Does one *really* need a salad spinner? Some might still say, “no,” but after giving it a try, it really does make a difference! No more soggy lettuce. We say, “yes, please!” to that!

Red Bacon Copper Cooking Pan “It includes a rack upon which you place the bacon, allowing the grease to drip into the pan. It allows me to cook bacon, without having to clean up the grease all over the top of the stove. The copper coating makes it easy to clean and have ready for the next use. We use it to cook all kinds of meats in the oven.”

Vegetable Chopper This do-it-all vegetable chopper might be just what your kitchen is missing.


Hibernate Bedsheets We just checked these out, and they look AMAZING. Really great quality sheets that go to help many good causes. A true win-win.

Tushy Bidet We invested in one of these. Life. Changing.

Squatty Potty This could be another life-changing bathroom product for you.

Bissell Zing Vacuum “A game-changer of you have little kids and tile/hardwood in your kitchen.”

Shop Vac A great item to have on hand! From vacuuming the car to getting excess water out of places it shouldn’t be, this is a helpful tool!

Hand-held Vacuum “This handheld vacuum has made my life so much easier! With having a toddler, sometimes it’s so much effort to pull out the vacuum for every single mess in a day (it’s a lot). And I use this for everything–multiple times a day! I also love this brand because it comes with a carrying bag so you don’t lose the attachments!”

Arbrillo Sprial Lamps “I like an easy light to operate on the bedside table, & I like to have dimming ability. The lamps I’ve had in the past were too clunky.”

Stair Climber Trolley “I was placed on weight-restriction after a surgery and this allowed me to stay self-reliant in many ways.”

Woodwick Scented Candles “They make a peaceful, relaxing room. Turn the lights off. Light the candle. Enjoy the cracking sound. Have a cocktail. Take a breather. Woodwick. Gets it done every time.”

VAVA Home Night Light “These are specifically helpful for parents, but we’ve loved them!”

3-Bag Laundry Sorter “Honestly my favorite thing we own!”

Handheld Clothes Steamer “Who the heck has time or space for ironing? Not me. Perfect for random wrinkles in t-shirts, church clothes, etc.”

Baby Bottle Sterilizer (on sale) If you have a baby, this could be a life-changer.


Rich Dad Poor Dad Yes. Yes. Yes. If you haven’t read this book, read it.

Audible We say, “Amen!” to this. We don’t pay for many subscriptions, but we do pay for this!

The Committed Life Who doesn’t want that?

America’s Real War We haven’t read this one, but could be worth checking out!

The Garden of Emuna “This book is a translation, so there are some grammar errors. But if you overlook it, it’s a gem.”

Never Split the Difference “I’ve bought this one 5 times for me and friends.”

The Two-Hour Job Search That sounds good to us . . .!


“Taking Cara Babies Sleep Class” “Taking Cara Babies’s sleep class has helped us tremendously to know how to help our new little guy (now 2 months old) sleep well. That has then enabled us to sleep better and be better parents for our two young ones.” WHAT NEW PARENT DOESN’T WANT BETTER SLEEP?!


Longer Phone Cord for iPhone or Android Yes. To. This. It’s surprising how helpful it is to have an extra long charging cord for your phone. If you don’t have one, this might be a good purchase for you!

Blue Blocker Glasses I think we can all agree that we like being able to see. Especially if you spend so much of your time staring at a screen, this could be a crucial purchase.

LifeStraw We had never heard of this before, but it looks like the perfect solution for water when it comes to camping and/or emergency preparedness. We might just have to purchase this ourselves!

LeapFrog Backpack “Probably not in the same category as most of the other submissions, but this has been awesome! Keeps my toddler entertained during road trips, church, and we even bring it to restaurants to keep her happy until the food comes!” Sounds like the miracle toy. *Adds to Amazon wish list.*

Ski Goggles “Game-changer.” We don’t know about you, but if someone says “game-changer,” we always listen up.

Reading Light “It goes around my neck, so it’s amazing for reading books clearly at night in bed.”

Music Stand “Instead of fighting music slipping down, finally paying $40 for a good stand has been something that I use almost daily for practicing music.”

Shinwa 6″ Steel Ruler Nothing like a good quality tool.

Leatherman Wingman How would you like to be able to say, “I got you!” *everyday?* Need some scissors? I got you! Need a pair of tweezers? I got you! Check it out.

Car Rooftop Cargo Bag “This makes road trips soooo much better with two littles and a big dog.”

Productivity and Time Saving

Balloon Pump “After having 7 kids, I discovered this amazing little balloon pump that we use for all our parties. Life changing really, and I’m so happy I don’t have to blow up all of those balloons!”

Battery-Powered Inflator For all of your battery-powered inflating needs. Check it out.

Greenlight Card How cool is this? This card helps you teach your kids about saving, investing, managing their money and so much more. From overseeing allowance to getting chores done, this card does it all. Very neat!


Vuori Joggers “These Vouri joggers…. they make me so happy 😅 most comfortable article of clothing I’ve ever purchased.”

&Collar Dress Shirts A dress shirt that doesn’t stain and doesn’t wrinkle? Sign me up.

Nike Running Socks If you are a runner, you know that the right socks can really make a difference. These could be your running sock of choice!

Spanx Need we say more?

LuluLemon ABC Pants (on sale) Do you want to feel like a Greek god? Then these are a must.

Lululemon Commission Pants (on sale) *See above description. Lululemon pants are life.

Men’s Saxx Underwear You might not think to spend this much $$ on your underwear, but think about it: you wear it EVERY DAY. Might be worth the investment.


Parm Garlic “I mix a few drops of this with ketchup on my eggs in the morning.” We’ve never tried this, but it looks delicious! Who ever said “no” to a new delicious condiment? Well. . .we can think of some people, but that’s beside the point.

Sandwich Sprinkle “We bought this sandwich spice from Amazon (Brand is Penzeys Spices.) Let me tell you. I never thought I would love a homemade ham and cheese sandwich more than a Jimmy John’s sub. But now with this spice on my sandwiches, I do!”

Dairy Queen Blizzards We have conveniently linked the DQ Blizzard Menu. 1. Click the link. 2. Pick your flavor. 3. Drive to DQ (or hop on your phone and see if your DQ participates in UberEats, etc.) 4. Enjoy your delicious, thick, and creamy treat. 5. You’re welcome. 😉

Don Chuy’s Breakfast Burritos (Location specific) If you live in Utah Valley, listen up! “They’re 3 dollars, so fast, and so good. Always get them when I’m on the run, and they don’t feel like fast food.”

Coke Zero “Getting my caffeine intake while still watching calories.”

Chick-fil-A “All of it has made my life better.”


Fishing License “We aren’t great fishermen, but my son looks forward to going out to the lake, hanging out and trying to catch a fish. I can’t think of a better way to spend $35.” Can we get an amen?

Monopoly Deal This is a GREAT game. Super easy to learn, fast, and fun. For only $5, this is a must-have! (And this was recommended multiple times!)

Paint-by-Number “My husband has started working on a paint by number to replace watching an episode of a TV show on Hulu to wind down before bed. It has been wonderful!! A relaxing, inexpensive thing we can do together in the evening that doesn’t involve TV.”

Model Rocket Boosters More power for your model rockets? Yes, please.

Ski Rentals –(Google “ski rentals” near me). What a great submission. If you’ve never been skiing, it’s certainly worth a shot! Great exercise and great fun. A win-win.

Tree Swing “Hours of fun and adventures for my kids in our backyard on it.”

Lego Ship in a Bottle “Challenging to build, but dang it is so fun to look at on my desk.”


Pull up Bar (on sale) Time to make an investment in your health? This could be something for you to look into.

Gatorade Water Bottle Finding the right water bottle is a must.

Resistance Bands “Best money I’ve ever spent in my life. Completely transformed my lifestyle!”

Yoga Mat “Best investment for my physical and mental health to start doing yoga!” (And this one has a handle strap that makes carrying/transport easy. Boo-yeah.)

Flowers for you Significant Other: What a GREAT submission. Just google “support a local flower shop” and do your significant other (and a local business!) some good. 🙂

Finger/Toe Nail Clippers LEST WE FORGET THE SMALL THINGS. A good pair of these babies could change your life. You think we’re kidding. We’re not.

Baby Nail Clippers Your baby needs them, too.

Silk and Sonder “Silk and Sonder is a guided self-care and mental wellness experience for modern women. We combine the therapeutic power of pen to paper with community to bring you a perfect and evolving blend of intention, reflection, and action straight to your doorstep, every month. Inspired by positive psychology and bullet journaling, our inaugural product empowers you to start afresh every month on your journey of self-reflection and self-discovery.”

Burt’s Bees Chapstick If you haven’t tried it, it’s time you do.

Hoka Running Shoes (on sale)

Climbing Shoes “They allow me to do the sport that I love, be active, and enjoy climbing with my husband.”


Headspace Meditation App Not just for better sleep, but better quality of life, too. Highly recommend.

Earplugs “They have made falling asleep/staying asleep SO much better. I know they probably don’t work if you have kiddos, but while we don’t, it’s made life better! Not hearing music from cars passing by, closing doors from apartment neighbors, etc, is so nice! But I can still hear my alarm clock, so it works!!”

Dan & Kay’s Personal Picks

Folex Carpet Spot Remover– Kay

This is THE best cleaner. I used it just this morning to scrub out Lucy’s masterpiece (aka Ballpoint Pen ALL over our white bedspread). It can be used for your couch, carpet, rug, pretty much any fabric surface and it is MAGIC! Great for potty accidents, too!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops– Kay

My secret is out. But really, these have been amazing! I just use them 1-2 times a week on my face and neck and it has been so nice to actually have some color during the winter! I have the medium shade and it is the perfect (non-orangey) glow. One bottle has lasted me so long!

Massage Gun– Dan

Kay got me this Massage Gun for Christmas and it has truly been life changing. We use it about once a week and it has been so helpful to loosen my tight shoulder and just destress from the week.

Stance Socks– Dan

If you haven’t converted yet, now is your chance.

The Personal Finance Accelerator Program – Dan & Kay

This Personal Finance Program will change your life. How do we know? Because it’s changed ours. This program is exactly how we got out of $20,000 of debt in 6 months as college students, saved a 6-month emergency fund, maxed our our Roth IRA’s, saved and paid for the birth of our daughter in cash, saved the down payment on a house, and traveled to Europe and the east coast for a month, along with many other vacations. (This is less than $100/mo).

We hope you enjoyed this year’s list!

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