What I Learned After Reading 52 Books in One Year

I haven’t always been an avid reader. In fact, Dan was the one that got me into reading and listening to audio books when we were working custodial jobs in college. So to say that I have read 52 books in one year, is quite the accomplishment for me. I wanted to document a few of the things this experience has taught me:

  1. I have learned how much overlap there is between different genres. When I first started reading, I mostly listened to self help audio books. I was hooked. I read so many. But this year, I felt like I needed to branch out. I joined a book club. I read novels. I read parenting books. I read business books. I even read a book about gardening! And I was shocked how much “self help” I learned from all of these books. I would be reading about organizing your house and somehow I felt like I was reading a finance book. Then, I would be a parenting book and be thinking, “we should try this in our business.” There was so much overlap!

2. I have learned that there is more to life then reading. As much as I love reading and learning, I have learned how much more worthwhile things I can do with my time! Not to say that I will never read, but I am limiting my reading to 30 minutes a day this upcoming year so I can actually apply the information I am learning!

3. I have learned that everyone has a story. One of the neat things about some of the books that I read this year is that they were “based on a true story.” A crazy story. (If you read Educated or The Girl with 7 Names you will see exactly what I mean). Seeing a glimpse into their lives through books, teaches me so much about my own life and the gratitude I have for my life. It also makes me want to be better at recording my story as it happens. AKA: Journaling

Overall this was an absolutely incredible experiment!

I challenge you to have a 52 book in one year and see what you learn!

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