The Hygiene Products We Buy in Bulk Once a Year

The feeling of running out of something when you need it, like toothpaste or deodorant is an incredibly annoying, and needed experience.

To make life easier, we buy the items below in bulk (or many of the same item) 1 time per year. This way we only have to think about it, well, once a year!

It makes it so nice to always have more of something if you need it. We highly recommend this.

Everything highlighted below is linked to the products we use if you’re interested.

You should do this with your own hygiene and other products you buy regularly!

Kay’s Personal Hygiene Routine (in no particular order)

  1. Deodorant– Yes, I use men’s deodorant. I feel like it works 1000x better!
  2. Paddle Brush for Wet Hair- I linked one similar because I couldn’t find my exact one. Mine is all black.
  3. Shampoo and Conditioner- I am not super picky about my products but I do feel like high quality shampoo and conditioner make a BIG difference. I usually just buy whatever high quality brand I can find at Ross or TJ Maxx and one bottle lasts me over a year! This has been one of my favorites though. It smells so good and you only have to use a tiny dab and your hair doesn’t get greasy super fast. Next thing I am wanting to try is to buy a big jug of it at the beauty supply store and refill the containers we already have so we will see how that goes!
  4. Dry Shampoo– I have been using this brand for a few years but my friend recently told me that you can use cornstarch or baby powder and it works just as well! Looking forward to trying it!
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Toothbrush- Whatever we get at the dentist! Eventually I want to upgrade to a rechargeable one and just change the brush heads!
  7. Face Soap
  8. Reusable Makeup Cloths
  9. Body Wash– This also lasts me over a year! A little bit goes a long way with a loofa.
  10. Face Moisturizer

Dan’s Personal Hygiene Routine

  1. I, as a man, use men’s deodorant. Typically different than the one Mikayla uses. And it works well. (I’ve never tried women’s before)
  2. Shampoo and Conditioner. I use the same as Mikayla. She knows what’s best.
  3. Toothpaste. Same as my beautiful wife. Can you guess who does the shopping?
  4. Toothbrush. Same as my…..why am I even writing this?
  5. Floss. If you don’t floss, you should. I haven’t had a cavity in years and I’m pretty sure it’s because I floss. (Also, Mikayla flosses too, she just uses these floss tooth picks because she likes them or better or something like that.)
  6. I use bar soap to shave. What? Yes! It’s super cheap and keeps my skin clean and prevents breakouts. I like it more than all of the other shaving creams and lotions I’ve tried.
  7. Razor. I use the Gillette Mach3. I used Dollar Shave Club for the past 2 years, but I got so annoyed with having to manage my subscription (they would send me stuff when I didn’t need a refill). It was just one more thing. So, we bought enough razors for the year. For some reason this was really difficult to do at Dollar Shave Club.
  8. Hair Pomade. I have tried so many different types. I love American Crew but it’s too expensive and runs out quickly. The best bang for your buck is definitely Old Spice.
  9. Cologne. I love Black from Rue21. It smells great! I’m an even bigger fan of Polo Sport, but I typically don’t want to shell out that much money. It’s a great Christmas gift for me. (I hope Mikayla reads this later)

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