The Dan and Kay Ockey Family Mission Statement


We are first and foremost disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We are covenant keepers.

Our priorities are to do God’s will, strengthen our marriage, provide for and nurture our children, and seek to serve all the children of God. In that order. 

We will govern our household by the Family Proclamation To The World, and God’s laws as it pertains to the family. This includes:  family scripture study, family prayer, regular temple attendance, fulfilling our church callings, a weekly date, family dinner, and making time for one another. 

We will support one another as equal partners. We will seek to see eye to eye.

We will be goal oriented, driven to improvement, grateful to God for what we have, and constantly acknowledge the progress we have made. We will be unified in our decisions, and maintain that unity throughout life. We will do this by consistently planning and working together to achieve oneness in our desires, goals, and life direction. 

We will seek to achieve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness through consistent learning and implementation of our learning.

We will be financially frugal and responsible by avoiding debt, following a budget, working together, and giving to those in need. 

We will design a family culture that will instill the following values: work, knowledge, virtue, financial responsibility, individual testimony, kindness, integrity, service and love.

We will create our home to be a place where the Spirit of the Lord can reside. We will strive to be worthy of the spirit and act on the promptings we receive.

We will strengthen our relationships in our family through family traditions, reading, learning, adventures, vacations, wholesome recreational activities, games, singing, dancing, planning, and looking forward to fun events. 

We will seek to build relationships with one another and others regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or belief. We will welcome all individuals to be in our home and a part of our lives. We will listen and seek to understand before we are understood in appropriate circumstances.

We will seek truth in all forms, and share it.

We will invite all to come unto Jesus Christ. 

We will not compromise our standards for the world. 

We are Ockeys.

(If you’d like to create your own family mission statement, you can do so by going through this exercise here.)

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