Summer Challenge: 20 under $20

Looking for fun activities this summer that won’t break the bank? Below you will find a list of 20 activities that range from absolutely FREE to $20 — max. Take on this summer 20 under $20 challenge for some throwback activities and maybe you’ll even try something new, too!

  1. Create Chalk Art: When was the last time you created an artistic masterpiece with chalk? Purchase some chalk for less than $5 (or just look through your house–you might already have some!) and spend some time getting creative. And before you ask: No. You’re not too old to play with chalk.

2. Fruit Picking: Search “fruit picking in XX” and fill in the blank with your city/town. Almost everywhere you can find a local orchard/garden/farm/etc. where you can go and pick some delicious, fresh produce. If you haven’t already done this in your area, it’s a must for all ages! And if you have, it won’t hurt to do it again!

3. Visit the Library: Libraries are amazing. If you haven’t caught the “library bug,” this summer is your perfect opportunity. Libraries offer a wide variety of free to very inexpensive activities, programs, and more for the entire family. Check it out!

4. Run Through the Sprinklers: Is there anything more to say? Just do it.

5. Make Popsicles/ Homemade Ice Cream: Who says “no” to a frozen treat during a hot summer? Making homemade popsicles or ice cream could be a great activity for you this summer.

6. Grow a Summer Plant: A quick google search will tell you what you can start planting in the summer in your area. Give your green thumb a try!

7. Go on a Picnic: A picnic makes a simple, summer lunch so much more fun! Make your favorite sandwiches, grab your baby carrots, and enjoy your lunch outdoors.

8. Attend Your Local Farmer’s Market: There is so much to explore at your local Farmer’s Market. From plants to fruit to homemade candles and fresh honey, every market is unique. Enjoy exploring!

9. Lay under the Stars: Wherever you live, take some time to look up at the sky and appreciate the majesty of the stars. What a wonderful world!

10. Participate in a service project: Not sure where to start or what to do? Click here to find service projects in your community! This incredible resource will link you to a project that fits you. Check it out!

11. Thrift Store Challenge: Have you ever participated in a “thrift-store challenge?” Take a friend and $20 to a local thrift store. Each person gets $10. The person to come up with the best outfit, date night, find the *best* item for under $10 (you pick the rules!) wins. It’s loads of fun! (And make sure to set a time limit. Or not! Ha!)

12. Summer Staycation: Sometimes the most relaxing thing you can do is take a vacation in your own area. What project are you wanting to finish around the house? What tourist attraction have you never visited in your area? Do it!

13. Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day: Have you ever done this? If not, it’s quite the experience. It may seem simple, but intentionally choosing to watch both the sunrise *and* the sunset is in the same day is a sweet experience.

14. Walk 15,000 steps in one day: Get movin’! If 15,000 steps is a piece of cake for you, bump the number up until it seems like a challenge.

15. Put together a 2020 Time Capsule: Last year was quite the year. And while you might only be focusing on trying to *forget* the year 2020, it could be a good experience to gather some “classic 2020” materials and put them into a time capsule for you and your family to open in the next 15-25 years. What would you include?

16. Visit your Local Reservoir: Summer time is water time! Enjoy splashing in your local area reservoir.

17. Find a NEW Trail: Take some time to find a place to hike or walk that is NEW. Go on a first-time adventure!

18. Support a Local Business: Is there a local family restaurant that would be fun to try? A small used bookstore? Take an afternoon or evening to support a local business.

19. Make homemade play-dough or “slime:” Just like playing with chalk the answer is: NO! You’re not too old for this. 😉 Here’s a recipe for play-dough, and one for “slime.” Have fun!

20. Look ahead to the Fall and make sure you’re financially prepared! New seasons bring new needs. Are you planning ahead so new-school-year-clothes-shopping and school supplies aren’t a stress? Have unexpected expenses cropped up over the summer that are bringing unwanted worries? Do you feel like you have (or don’t have!) a handle on your finances and your financial future? We hope our free, financial webinar can be a useful resource for you. We’d love for you to check it out!

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