Sell $1000 Worth of Stuff in One Week

One of the challenges we give to our students is to try to sell $1000 worth of stuff. It might sound impossible, but you would be surprised how much stuff you own that you don’t care about. We have done it several times and I am always surprised that I can still find more stuff to get rid of.

This week, I have been clearing out a lot and after three loads to the thrift store, gifting many items and posting on “Buy Nothing FB pages” to get rid of things– we still sold over $600 worth of stuff on Facebook Marketplace. 

I listed things pretty inexpensively and most things sold within less than 24 hours.

Here is what we sold:

  1. Microwave $20
  2. Gold Circle Mirror $50
  3. White Project Dresser $10
  4. Rocking Chair $180
  5. Speaker $50
  6. Letter Board $5
  7. Mid Century Modern Credenza $120 (Originally bought for $20 and fixed it up)
  8. Mid Century Modern Leather Accent Chair $20
  9. Full Length Mirror $15
  10. Magnolia Leaf Wreath $15
  11. Humidifier $20
  12. Space Heater $15
  13. Wooden Dressers $20 (Found for free on the side of the road)
  14. Large Silver Mirror $30
  15. Jewelry Hanger $10
  16. Wallet $5
  17. Kitchen Chairs $40
  18. Bath and Body Works Candle $5
  19. Montessori Wooden Toy $7

TOTAL: $637

Now, I am sure if you aren’t moving, you probably won’t be selling your kitchen chairs or your microwave. But hopefully you see how possible it is to list a few things online and within a few weeks (or months) make $1000 to put towards your current financial goal.

Try it!

You will feel so much better to have the stuff out of your house that you don’t use or care about and to have a little extra money in your pocket!

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