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Kay’s 100 Dreams List (2021 Update)

Click here to see how to do the “100 Dreams” Exercise yourself.

  1. Become a Group Fitness Instructor (completed 2020)
  2. Serve a Mission
  3. Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree
  4. Get Married in the Temple
  5. Take my Endowments Out
  6. Go to The Louve Museum
  7. Hike The Alps
  8. Go on a Cruise with Dan
  9. Learn How to make Fancy Cakes
  10. Run 13 ½ Marathons (Completed 8 so far)
  11. Complete a Triathlon
  12. Run a Ragnar Race
  13. Have a German Tutor/ Reason to Stay Fluent
  14. Volunteer Weekly for an organization I care about
  15. Go to the Temple Regularly
  16. Build an online course/program for postpartum
  17. Research/ Be Involved in my children’s schools- move to places with good schools
  18. Have a Capsule Wardrobe where I love every Item (Winter complete)
  19. Provide my kids with a high quality capsule wardrobe where they love every item (Completed 2020)
  20. Have a Beautifully decorated, organized home with big windows
  21. Host Parties Regularly
  22. Serve Multiple Couples Missions (at least 3)
  23. Go to Jerusalem
  24. Provide Nutritious meals for my family- healthy relationship with food
  25. Flip a House/ Own multiple real estate properties
  26. Own a 6 figure salary business (Close)
  27. Go on a girls trip to Seattle
  28. Visit Hawaii
  29. Take an Online Course every year
  30. Learn photography- have a beautiful way of documenting my life
  31. Have 1000 couples go through Centsei
  32. Visit Italy
  33. Live in NC
  34. Live in England
  35. Tour National Parks
  36. Do a 100 mile bike ride
  37. Keep a garden/ fruit trees and berries
  38. Learn how to Make Freezer Jam (Completed 2020)
  39. Go to the library/story time weekly (Completed 2020)
  40. Be a part of a Book Club Consistently (Completed 2020)
  41. Go to Lunch with a Friend monthly 
  42. Be a Ministering Friend (Completed 2020)
  43. Organize a Retreat for Centsei
  44. 1 year 1000 hours outside challenge
  45. Collect 1000 emails and testimonials for Centsei
  46. Write a Children’s Book
  47. Take Family Pictures once a Year (So far so good)
  48. Create Promptly Journals for all of my kids
  49. Raise kids who put God first– have  a strong value system
  50. Make a Treehouse with my kids
  51.  Be an outdoorsy family- hike camp, bike rides regularly
  52. Have intentional one on one time with kids daily
  53.  Go on a weekly date– with a babysitter!
  54. Do Entrepreneur activities with kids– sell something at farmer’s markets 
  55. Learn a musical instrument– maybe piano or cello?
  56. Take lots of family trips- at least once a year
  57. Take Yearly Anniversary Trips
  58. Write Thank You Notes
  59. Go outside everyday- nature walks
  60. Invest in/ Start a Restaurant or franchise one
  61. Go to Banff
  62. Take my kids to the zoo, children’s museum and other outings semi-regularly
  63. Have a montessori/ minimalist playroom
  64. Learn to Sew
  65. Go on an Alaskan Cruise
  66. Cook through a cookbook
  67. Run Kids Camps out of my house
  68. Own a Vacation Rental- similar to the A frame house
  69. Get Centsei email list to 1,000 (Completed 2020)
  70. Get Centsei follower count to 10,000
  71. Create lots of holiday traditions- go big!
  72. Teach Nutrition in Africa
  73. Become Yoga Certified
  74. Thrive as a mother and share that love with others- aim to be a real but positive influence
  75. Organize arts and crafts with my kids
  76. Go on a Service Trip abroad
  77. Have a guest bedroom- invite people to stay with us often
  78. Have people not of our faith in our home often
  79. Take each sibling on a dream vacation- and parents
  80. Do read-alouds with my children
  81. Have an awesome backyard
  82. Own a lexus or highlander
  83. See Wicked  (Completed 2018)
  84. Have Family Dance Parties
  85. Make meaningful connections with my kid’s friends 
  86. Visit all 50 states
  87. Go on a VW bus roadtrip 
  88. Sit by someone and have intentional conversation each week in RS
  89. Own or work for a Wellness Clinic- more than just yoga and essential oils- teach the science behind mind body health and give people resources to help them figure out what helps them– teach seminars about it?
  90. Find a meaningful way to study the gospel as a family and stick to it
  91. Have FHE’s that are fun and memorable- karaoke, flour game etc. 
  92. Have Sunday Strategy Game Nights when kids get older- have a good game collection
  93. Create a Music Library of clean songs I love for every occasion- workout, dance, classical, sunday, study/chill vibes, etc.
  94. Have my kids watch all the classic Disney Movies
  95. Watch Jane Austin Classics regularly- long Pride and Prejudice
  96. Have a beautiful pantry and a large food storage supply
  97. Create a Home that encourages creativity and imagination 
  98. Be net worth millionaires by age 35
  99. Own multiple pieces of Real Estate
  100. Have Raclette Nights every New Years Eve

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