Dan’s Daily Affirmations

Reading through my list of daily affirmations has become a crucial and important part of my daily routine. Reading these powerful messages, daily, has given me more purpose, clarity, and direction–both in the short-term day-to-day activities, and in my long-term goals.

I am an excellent Salesman, financial coach, creator, partner, and entrepeneur. I am cool, calm, and collected. I listen to my prospects, potential deals and correctly idenfity their problems and solve them.

I am a creator.

I am a son of God. I keep God’s commandments and the covenants I have made with him.

I am happy, healthy, and I feel terrific.

I am a true and loving husband. I honor my wife with complete fidelity, loyalty, commitment, and kindness.

I am a loving and present father. I spend intentional time with my children, and help them become who they are meant to be in my co-parenting role with my wife and God.

I will never always be motivated, but I can always be disciplined

The biggest prevention of progress is you Dan. It’s the mental laziness. No task actually takes that long. Just do it.

I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to. Anything.

When someone says no, it almost always means not yet.

I am honest and a man of integrity.

Mitigating Risk is the most important part of upside.

I will seek to have the spirit with me always, and put my trust in God, not the arm of the flesh.

Social Media and Youtube are the biggest distractors and detractors from what you’re able to become. Don’t let it slow you down and derail you.

Deep Work is how to get ahead.

Hold to the schedule.

The only barrier to getting tasks done are subconsious. Keep moving forward like from class to class in school. Like Jordan Page said.

A virtuous man is someting I strive to be.

My purpose is to invite as many people as possible closer to Jesus Christ.

I will seek to move past hardships with others and focus on the good.

I won’t hold grudges.

I will forgive.

I will point people to the Savior.

My purpose is to build Zion.

I will be kind.

I will be proactive, not reactive.

Beware of Pride.

Time is short – so hustle.

Be a man of patient urgency.

Think bigger – you are your own limitation.

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” -Jim Rohn

I work for others. Every moment I waste is a moment I could’ve helped someone else.

Faith is the way forward.

With God, we have no need to fear.

I have no need to fear. Things will continue to work as I do.

We are going to make $300,000 with Centsei in 2021.

98% of social media is a waste of time and irrelevant to your mission. Don’t waste time there.

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