Dan & Kay’s Network’s Top 42 Products for Under $100, that will Truly make your Life Better.

We’re Dan & Kay – and we asked over 12,000 people what product for under $100 truly made their life better. Here are the answers:

Everything on this list is linked to the product. Enjoy!


Bear Notes Pro “It’s locked into the Apple ecosystem but its the best note taking software I’ve ever used (at least for someone such as myself who fetishizes design). About $20 annually.”

BOYA Wireless Microphone System. Looks like something Mikayla and I will need to invest in as we record more videos.


BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Upright Vacuum. Alright, this was more than $100, (it’s $229) but the power of a good vacuum in one’s life is unmistakeable. Especially since we got ours from the thrift store.

EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers Door Knob Locks Highly favorited by mothers everywhere. (No really, they said the toddlers can’t break these ones.)

Bell Butter Crock “Keeps butter soft and fresh.” Whoever recommended this, we love you.

Toilet Bowl Night Light Ever wake up and have to pee but don’t want to turn on the lights? Now you don’t have to and you can pee into a neon bowl of glory. Thank us later.

Instant Pot This was recommended by at least 5 different people. It’s also #7 on the kitchen and dining category on Amazon. I think this means we should probably buy one.

Humidifier Who doesn’t love breathing.

Smart Scale that Saves Progress to A Phone App Now you can be reminded of your weight everywhere you go. Not just in the bathroom.


Happiness Advantage Mikayla read this book. She’s happier now.

Atomic Habits We hear about this book ALL THE TIME. Haven’t read it yet. Amazon wishlist, here we come.

Leadership and Self-Deception This is a great book. It brings a lot of self-awareness as well as patience for those who are deceiving themselves. You could be included in that.


Hydrapeak REVEL 22 oz Vacuum Insulated Tumbler, Stainless-Steel Travel Mug with Spill Proof Sliding Lid, Double Wall Thermos Cup for Hot and Ice-Cold Beverages (22oz, White) Solid Yeti knockoff. Or so we’re told.

ANRRI blue light blocking glasses If you look at a screen all day (computer, phone, tablet) you should probably get some blue-light reflective glasses. Dan did, and now he doesn’t get headaches and his eyes don’t get so tired. You’re welcome.

Mount for your Phone in the Car If you have not invested in one of these yet, this could be the reason why you’re depressed. Do yourself a favor and buy something that will hold your phone while you drive. You can throw away the anti-depressants while you’re at it.

Loop Watch Band – for the Apple Watch (Female) If you have an Apple Watch, and you’re a female, and you like to look good, this might be for you.

Bidet This is probably our favorite recommendation. A Bidet is a tool in a toilet that can effectively replace toilet paper by spraying your underside with water after you have finished your business. We got this from someone on LinkedIn, and now the Head of Partnerships at Lambda School has one. What a time to be alive.

Windshield Frost Blocker Do you live where it snows? Do you have to park outside at all? (Buy this if the answer to both questions was Oui, Yes, Yeah, or Ja Wohl)

Steamer for Clothes “No Ironing and No Wrinkles” Thanks Kathy.

Space Heater Save on that gas bill.

Productivity and Time Saving

TSA Pre-Check If you fly a lot, spend the money to do this. It will save you a ton of time getting through security.

Kikki K Family Planner Apparently, the planners from Kikki K are ballin’.


Chacos “I think they’re amazing. They won’t stop you from rolling an ankle, but otherwise, they’re the best water shoes, hiking shoes, and sandals I could ask for in the summer. They have amazing traction and arch support for my absurdly high arches.”

Patagonia Down Sweater Jacket (purchased with discounts and on sale) These are sexy. And it looks like most of them cost more than $100.

Old Navy Coat (Male) Less Expensive than Patagonia, still looks good.

Lulu Lemon Commission Slim Pants ( purchased with discounts and on sale) If you’re a man, and you want to feel and look like a greek god, you should click this link. If you’re married to a man and you want them to look like a greek god, you should click this link.

ABC joggers (purchased with discounts and on sale) See Lulu Lemon Commission Pants. ☝️


Key Lime Pie from Ruth’s Chris Since this was the ONLY recommended food item, we recommend you try it.

Easy Meal Planning and Healthy Eating App “Even if you don’t pay for it, the recipes, the ease of meal planning, and the fact that you can schedule grocery pickup (and it does the comparison shopping for you) is incredible. Worth every penny.”


“Any one of my board games that has gotten dozens of uses with friends! I love thinking about the bang for buck of a well-played board game (maybe 25 cents per person per game played) vs going to see a movie ($15 per person per movie watched). The better choice is clear!” – Eli Tucker

Below are boardgames our followers recommended. Check them out!




Cover Your Assets

If you have young sons (under 5), this came highly recommended from several Dads


Silk Eye Mask for Sleeping This came highly recommended by several people, and Tim Ferriss, if you know who that is. Improving sleeps is a great way to improve quality of life.

Heated Blankets from Biddeford Yes. Because there is one spouse in every relationship who puts their ICE CUBE HANDS AND FEET ALL OVER THE OTHER ONE EVERY NIGHT. This is a need.

Saranoni Blankets We were told, and I quote, “The most AMAZING blankets ever.”

2 Tempur Pedic Cloud Pillows Definitely going to check these out. A good pillow really can change your life!

Dan & Kay’s Personal Pics

Google Home Mini – Dan – Mikayla got one of these for me for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. We use it to set timers all the time, play music, tell jokes, ask questions and more. Really impressed with the tech. It’s one of those things that you don’t really realize how nice it is to have until you have it.

J Crew Coat – Kay – (On Sale) Dan got this for me for Christmas last year and honestly it’s my favorite coat, high quality, looks great with everything.

The Personal Finance Accelerator Program – Dan & Kay

This Personal Finance Program will change your life. How do we know? Because it’s changed ours. This program is exactly how we got out of $20,000 of debt in 6 months as college students, saved a 6-month emergency fund, maxed our our Roth IRA’s, saved and paid for the birth of our daughter in cash, saved the down payment on a house, and traveled to Europe and the east coast for a month, along with many other vacations.

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