5 Businesses You Should Be Aware Of and Follow

  1. Simple Citizen

Simple Citizen has been around for a while now, but most people are unaware of what they’re trying to do.

If you’ve never immigrated to the US, you probably are unaware of the nightmare it is to get all of your paperwork and processes in order to apply for a Visa, Green-card, or Citizenship. Simple Citizen streamlines this process by building technology that tracks and guides potential candidates throughout the entire processes. They’ve helped thousands of immigrants come to the United States, and make the process 10 times easier than it normally is. Check them out!Lowland Kids

2. Lowland Kids

Lowland Kids (Instagram) was started by Shalayne Monson. What Lowland Kids does is creates the patterns for certain clothing styles as well as the fabrics and ships it all off to you so you can create the patterns for your kids. Lowland Kids allows you to create stylish, hard-to-find clothes at an extremely affordable price.

If you want your kids to look good, buy yourself a sewing machine and check out Lowland Kids! This link is to their wildly popular Facebook group (12,000+ members)

3. Robinhood

Robinhood is a free trading platform that makes investing in the stock market easy and aesthetically pleasing. They don’t charge any commission or fees to trade stocks, which is what has allowed them to become immensely popular especially with us young folk. Apparently, we don’t like spending money if we don’t have to?

They also allow you to invest in Crypto Currencies and more.

While we believe you probably shouldn’t be invest in stocks until you’re further down the Roadmap we explain in our Fundamentals of Personal Finance Course. But if you’re going to do it anyway, Robinhood is a great platform to do it on.

If you sign up with this link, we both get a free stock. Check it out!

4. Blip Billboards

Blip Billboards is one of the coolest companies I’ve come across in a long time. You’ve probably seen them on the Freeway. Blip runs digital bill boards which allows you to run ads just like you would on Facebook or Google. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a billboard every month, you can spend as little as $1/day and have your ad shown to all of those people commuting.

Check it here!

5. Clinicas Del Azucar

Make sure you translate the website into English from Spanish. Clinicas Del Azucar is a company in Mexico that is solving a very important problem, the problem of Diabetes care. Diabetes has risen a considerable amount in Mexico, and the lower income people cannot afford as care as traditonal care required patients to visit several different doctors.

Clinicas Del Azucar solves the problem by putting everything one would need for Diabetes Care in one place, which reduces the cost and time spent to get care by close to 70%

Just goes to show that there are so many ways to solve the problems of today.

If you have any business ideas or things you would like to to do to change the world for the better, don’t wait! Get started today. There’s never a better time than today.

If you know of any other neat business we should look into, please e-mail us at hello@centseifinancial.com

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