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3 Free Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sometimes the very best Valentine’s Day gifts are free! Dan is one of those very sentimental types so that makes it even easier. There are so many ways to still help your significant other feel loved without being super spend-y.

  1. A Five Course “fancy meal:” When Dan and I were getting out of debt, we didn’t allocate much money in our budget for Valentine’s Day gifts. It called for some creativity! I ended up making a 5 course meal for him in our tiny one bedroom apartment. It is one of my favorite memories to this day. This may not exactly be “free” but you can make it fairly inexpensive and often just find ingredients you already have and make it fancier.
  2. Video Montage: You can use the app Inshot to make a little video montage of memories you have together. Add a sentimental song and you are set.
  3. Sentimental Music Playlist: This is what I did this year. You can slow dance in the kitchen, look at past letters you have written each other, etc. all while listening to some of your favorite songs together.

I hope you find a way to share your love this Valentine’s Day even if you are in a tight spot financially!

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions?

Happy Love Day!