2020 Monthly Adventures

Every month we do what we call a “Monthly Adventure.” It can be big or small, free or pricier, outdoor or indoor. Really there are no rules but it has really helped us to prioritize FUN while accomplishing our financial goals. This year was a bit more challenging because I was pregnant and couldn’t do the usual hikes and outdoor things we normally do BUT we still managed to have a wonderful year and prioritize fun things even if they were a bit smaller. You should try it! 

Here is our list to get you thinking:

January: Silicon Slopes Conference

February: Valentines Multi Course Dinner at a Local Restaurant

March: Went to a Shooting Range

April: Rented a Croquet Set and went to a Local Park

May: Visited The Real Life UP House in Herriman, Utah

June: Campfire in the Canyon

July: Stayed at Cabin and went Canoeing

August: Hiked and Camped in Bryce Canyon National Park

September: Visited a local Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival

October: Went on a Scenic Drive to Look at Fall Leaves

November: HAD A BABY (Not sure if that counts haha but it was definitely an adventure)

December: Made a Gingerbread House

There you have it. Hopefully this helps you to get your wheels turning. Again, it can be big or small. Different seasons of life require adjustments but if you prioritize it, you can still make it happen and make lots of family memories along the way.

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