10 Money Habits of Intentional Spenders

Develop an Intentional/ Minimalist Mindset: If you choose only one thing to takeaway from this list, this is it. This is the BEST way to avoid overspending. Do you need it? Do you care about it? Do you even want it? Are you buying it because it is on sale? Do you need 10 water bottles or just one high quality one? Less is truly more.

Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails: Chances are, if you are anything like me, you don’t open them half the time anyway and let’s just get all of those emails out of there– you get enough advertisements in a day and this is one way you have control over it. Just click unsubscribe instead of delete next time you get one of these emails.

Unfollow Instagram Accounts or “Mute” them for a time if you find you keep falling for the swipe up: There are so many inspiring influencers out there and so many that I absolutely love. Sometimes it is helpful because they do the shopping for you and can tell you if something is high quality, etc. However, if you find you keep buying things, use the 24 hour rule or simply unfollow or mute them for a time.

Make a list: Not just for groceries but for all shopping. I make a list of exactly what clothing items I am looking for before I go. White button Down shirt, Graphic Tee, Black Jeans etc. Then, I stick to that list as much as possible. It really helps me to know if I REALLY actually want that item or if it will end up in the back of my closet.

The 24 Hour Rule: This is magic. Simply, wait 24 Hours before you purchasing anything. You will be amazed how much stuff you simply forget about or decide you don’t really want just by doing this.

Add the Item to your Amazon Wishlist: While you are deciding if you really want it, you can add it to your Amazon Wishlist. If there is something I am considering buying, I will add it to my Amazon wishlist. Then, right before a Birthday or Christmas, I will go in and delete over half of the things– because by then I have found something else or decided it wasn’t something I really wanted.

Try Online Grocery Pickup: I am never going back! I still do some in person grocery shopping but for the most part, this is how we buy the majority of things in our life. It is amazing!

Have a strong why: This is critical. Saving just for savings sake isn’t going to last very long. If you have one clear goal that you are working towards, you will find that you are much more likely to think twice before spending.

Build spending into your budget: Spending is not bad! Spending money is wonderful and if you build it into your budget, then you can spend every last dime of that spending money without any guilt. It is the best feeling in the world for a spender. (AKA: me) You will never want to live without a budget again.

Look for ways to give: The more generous you are, the more you will start to find joy in other things besides spending money.

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